Agricultural careers in Canada are diverse and encompass a wide range of roles within the agricultural sector, from hands-on farming and animal husbandry to research, technology, and agribusiness. 


Here are some potential career paths in agriculture

These careers offer opportunities to work in various settings, from farms and laboratories to corporate offices and educational institutions. The agricultural sector in Canada continues to evolve with advancements in technology and sustainable practices, providing a dynamic and rewarding field for professionals.


    Responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a farm, including crop production, livestock management, financial planning, and staff supervision.

  • Agronomist

    Specializes in soil management and crop production. Agronomists work with farmers to improve crop yields and soil health through research and practical applications.

  • Agricultural Engineer

    Designs and develops machinery, equipment, and systems for efficient farming operations. Agricultural engineers focus on improving productivity and sustainability in agriculture.

  • Animal Scientist

    Studies animal biology, genetics, nutrition, and management practices to improve livestock production and health. Animal scientists work in research, advisory roles, or directly with livestock.

  • Food Scientist

    Works on developing and improving food products and processes. Food scientists ensure food safety, quality, and nutritional value through research and development.

  • Agricultural Economist

    Analyzes economic issues related to agriculture, such as market trends, pricing, and policy impacts. Agricultural economists work in academia, government, or agribusiness.

  • Agricultural Extension Officer

    Provides educational services and support to farmers and agricultural communities. Extension officers help with implementing new technologies and best practices in agriculture.

  • Plant Breeder/Geneticist

    Develops new plant varieties with improved traits such as yield, disease resistance, and climate adaptability. Plant breeders work in research institutions, universities, and seed companies.

  • Environmental Consultant

    Advises on sustainable farming practices and environmental impact assessments. Environmental consultants work with agricultural businesses to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

  • Agricultural Sales Representative

    Sells agricultural products such as seeds, fertilizers, equipment, and animal feed to farmers and agricultural businesses. Sales representatives need strong knowledge of their products and customer needs.

  • Veterinarian (Large Animal/Production Animal)

    Specializes in the health and welfare of livestock and production animals. Veterinarians provide medical care, preventative treatments, and advice on animal husbandry practices.

  • Soil Scientist

    Studies soil composition, properties, and management practices. Soil scientists work to improve soil health and fertility for better crop production.

  • Agricultural Inspector

    Ensures that agricultural products meet regulatory standards for safety, quality, and labeling. Inspectors work for government agencies and regulatory bodies.

  • Agricultural Policy Analyst

    Researches and analyzes agricultural policies and their impacts. Policy analysts work for government agencies, non-profits, and industry organizations.

  • Precision Agriculture Specialist

    Utilizes technology such as GPS, drones, and data analytics to optimize farming practices. Precision agriculture specialists help farmers increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

  • Farm Equipment Technician

    Repairs and maintains agricultural machinery and equipment. Technicians ensure that farm operations run smoothly by keeping equipment in good working order.

  • Agricultural Educator/Professor

    Teaches agricultural sciences and conducts research at universities and colleges. Educators help train the next generation of agricultural professionals.

  • Greenhouse Manager

    Oversees the production of plants in a controlled environment. Greenhouse managers focus on optimizing growing conditions and managing staff.

  • Rural Development Specialist

    Works on projects aimed at improving the economic and social conditions of rural communities. Specialists may work with government agencies or non-profits.

  • Aquaculture Specialist

    Manages the farming of fish, shellfish, and other aquatic organisms. Specialists work to improve production techniques and ensure sustainability in aquaculture operations.